Circumcision age 1

High school boys were circumcised at various ages, its peak being at 12 years

As this viewgraph shows, high school boys were circumcised at various ages. It is not neo-natal, it is not ritual. What the heck is this?


● Why at around 12 years of age?

Simply put, there is a long winter-break before a boy enters the middle school after finishing his elementary school. Doctors recommend that circumcision

being performed at this period:

(1) Boys are old enough to “understand”

(2) Post-operation infection might be minimized during the winter as opposed to during the summer

(3) “Studies (never published anywhere)” show that this is the best age at which circumcision should be performed

(4) The recent decrease in American neonatal circumcision is misinterpreted as recommending universal circumcision at later ages.