A bizarre story


Circumcision, South Korean Style

A bizarre and tragic story of a modern day tribal circumcision

South Korean male circumcision rate was less than 0.1% in the year 1950. In the year 2000, 95% of high school boys are circumcised. Most were circumcised at around the age of 12. The other 5% are wondering when (not whether) they will be circumcised. We have interviewed over 5000 males of all ages in order to get the real facts, and we would like to share these FACTS with you. Firstly, like so many medical bodies around the world we would like to make clear that this site, which is run by professionally qualified doctors, does not recommend routine circumcision. For the most part circumcision in Korea is carried out because people do not have the full facts about the procedure. This site hopes to set aside some of the myths and outlandish claims of people whom promote and profit financially from this non-essential medical procedure on young boys and men in Korea. We hope that your visit to our site will help you to make the right decision about this most brutal act of male genital mutilation.

“Morally, Ethically and Religiously circumcision is wrong!


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There already is a web-site dedicated to South Korean circumcision: http://www.circumstitions.com/Korea.html

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